The Full Story

binary options are hard, but you can win if you don't give up.

I’m a musician and day trader working on growing my binary options account and documenting every step of the way right here on my blog and in my daily YouTube live streams.  Here is how it all started…

A little over a year ago was the first time I heard the term binary options. My buddy texted me a link to a video with a pretty girl, speaking in a foreign accent on YouTube and staring at trading charts. In her video she took a simple $1 trading account to over $10,000 in 15 minutes. I was mesmerized and curious. I clicked her link and signed up for a trading account, went into demo mode and started placing 1 minute trades. In just a short time I had made a few thousand dollars in demo mode. It was exciting and I was hooked. This looked so easy and I couldn’t wait to load up my first $100 so I could start making real money and quit my job, buy my beach house, and live the good life as a day trader.


I opened my Coinbase account, loaded up my first $100 into my trading account and started to make trades. It didn’t take long and I was staring at a zero balance. Goodbye $100 and the first lesson learned. I wasn’t ready to trade successfully yet. In the demo account everything seemed to be easy, but as soon as I was live, I was on a losing streak.


Maybe the way to win this thing was just to hook up my trading account to this girl and let her make all the trades. With binary options, you can often do a social follow of another trader on the platform. You put in your money and when they make trades, your account does the same trade. So I was pumped. Let’s do this the super easy way. She seems to know what she’s doing and I got to get rich here… So I loaded up another $100 and started clicking on social follow. In a few days, my account again was empty. All my money is gone. I was getting frustrated and, honestly, I was angry. I started to realize that all this hype was just hype. Everyone online is playing a game and these girls are playing an affiliate game with binary options. They make money when you sign up and they make money when you make your first deposit with their broker. I started to look into their accounts and realized they are often losing money and lots of it. Their telegram channels are filled with apologies and excuses and stories about how the market was tough and tomorrow will be better. It’s not true. Many of these YouTubers are just killing the affiliate game and will never make you any money.


I started to realize that if I wanted to make money and real profits, I was going to need a good plan. I became obsessed with the idea that I could figure out how to win with binary options. For 18  months straight I worked with my trading partner and best friend on every single aspect of the binary options trading game. We tested everything, found every pitfall, worked on trading strategies, scoured YouTube and blogs to find every secret about how to win with binary options.


Success seemed to elude me at every step. I would figure out one part and then realize that another part was kicking my butt. But I kept pushing on to learn everything I could to find out how to win. Once my confidence was up I would try again with $100 in live trading mode and keep trading until my account was blown. Sometimes it would take weeks and other times it would take months. At one point early on I had my account up to over $1,000 just to lose it all in one day. After every failure, I tweaked the financial plan and dove back in to try again to make successful trades and create profit while keeping my trading account safe.  

Great news!  I didn’t give up and it has started to pay off! Since those early days, I’ve found my rhythm with binary options.  I’ve learned from my mistakes and have begun growing my account every day.  Follow along right here on this blog and learn the strategies, the plans, and follow my journey to becoming a full time binary options day trader. 


I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your success story as well!

The Music City Trader