Learn 22 strategies to win trades in binary options with full color examples and insights.

Every trade is a simple decision. Will the price be higher or lower in the future? Depending on the platform you use, you can make binary option trades that last as little as 5 seconds and as long as several days or even a week with some brokers. 

You may have heard that binary options are risky.  Some people even say they are a scam.  Those who don’t understand the system will compare trading binary options to gambling in Las Vegas.  It is true, you can lose money really fast in the stock market trading any type of stock or exchange including binary options. 

Before I placed my first binary options trade, I had never made a single move in the stock market.  I was a complete beginner.  Over the course of 2 years, I spent thousands of hours and several thousand dollars testing the methods and platforms used to trade binary options.  At the time I published this book, I had made over 10,000 live trades on the binary options platform.  At times, it felt a little obsessive, but the effort paid off.  

I started by studying the top traders from many different YouTube channels.  I read the top binary options books. joined signals groups, and even tried using trading bots to win trades with automatic signals. Some things worked and other things failed miserably.  Everything I tried taught me something new and my knowledge grew daily.  

In this book I am going to share with you the different trading strategies that I learned, created, and tested in my journey. 

Trading without a plan will lead to disaster! To become a full time binary options or forex trader you must have a solid plan. You will also need to control your emotions and win trades. I will show you the new “Hack the Math” compound trading system and teach you how to steadily grow your account over one year so you can finally become a full time successful day trader. Learning to win trades isn’t enough to become a successful long term day trader. You must have a winning plan and the right tools to help you stay on track. If you are struggling to become consistent and continually blow your trading account, this is the book for you. Come along with me on a journey to learn how to harness the power of compounding. I will show you how I flipped the script to keep my losses small and my wins big!

You will learn:

  • How to set and use a stop loss in binary options
  • How to control your emotions
  • How to grow your account steadily over the long haul
  • Know exactly how much to risk on each trade
  • Know how and when to stop when you have earned profit
  • Learn to track every trade with my journal shorthand
  • Harness the power of compound trading
  • Use the Hack the Math system to track your daily trading sessions
  • Learn how to call it a win even if you have a losing day
  • Use my special surplus system to always have backup funding to absorb small losses
  • Become a successful and profitable binary options day trader

Never trade without a plan and don’t let emotions get you off track. Use my simple new shorthand method for tracking every trade and keep your trading records in one place. This trading journal goes with the Full Time Trader book and follows the “Hack the Math” binary options trading strategy using compounding to keep your losses small and your wins big. Includes 60 sheets and instructions for using my creative shorthand method for quickly and easily tracking every trade. Gives you a spot to enter your daily trading goal and your stop loss so you can stay safe and keep your emotions under control.